How to Make Ginger Peanut Chicken with Coconut Rice

Ginger Peanut Chicken with Coconut Rice is a vibrant and flavorful dish that combines tender chicken marinated in a zesty peanut sauce with aromatic coconut rice and crisp stir-fried vegetables.

This recipe harmoniously blends Asian-inspired flavors with creamy coconut undertones, creating a dish that is both satisfying and delicious

Here’s a detailed recipe for Ginger Peanut Chicken with Coconut Rice, including all the necessary ingredients and step-by-step instructions

Detailed recipe for Ginger Peanut Chicken with Coconut Rice


For the Chicken Marinade:
  • 1 lb (450g) boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs, cut into bite-sized pieces
  • 3 tablespoons peanut butter (creamy or chunky)
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoon sesame oil
  • 1 teaspoon chili flakes (optional, for heat)
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro (for garnish)
For the Coconut Rice:
  • 1 cup jasmine rice
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
For the Stir-fry:
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1 bell pepper, thinly sliced
  • 1 medium carrot, julienned
  • 1 cup snap peas or snow peas
  • 1/4 cup chopped green onions
  • 2 tablespoons chopped peanuts (for garnish)


Step 1: Marinate the Chicken
  1. Prepare the marinade: In a large bowl, mix peanut butter, soy sauce, lime juice, honey, grated ginger, minced garlic, sesame oil, and chili flakes.
  2. Marinate the chicken: Add the chicken pieces to the marinade, ensuring they are well-coated. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, preferably 1-2 hours for the best flavor.
Step 2: Cook the Coconut Rice
  1. Rinse the rice: Rinse the jasmine rice under cold water until the water runs clear to remove excess starch.
  2. Combine ingredients: In a medium saucepan, combine the rinsed rice, coconut milk, water, and salt. Stir well.
  3. Cook the rice: Bring the mixture to a boil over medium-high heat. Once it reaches a boil, reduce the heat to low, cover, and simmer for 15-20 minutes, or until the rice is tender and the liquid is absorbed.
  4. Fluff the rice: Remove from heat and let it sit, covered, for an additional 5 minutes. Fluff with a fork before serving.
Step 3: Stir-fry the Chicken and Vegetables
  1. Heat the oil: In a large skillet or wok, heat the vegetable oil over medium-high heat.
  2. Cook the chicken: Add the marinated chicken to the skillet, discarding any excess marinade. Stir-fry for 5-7 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through and slightly caramelized.
  3. Add vegetables: Add the sliced bell pepper, julienned carrot, and snap peas to the skillet. Stir-fry for an additional 3-4 minutes, or until the vegetables are tender-crisp.
  4. Combine: Mix in the chopped green onions and stir everything together for another minute.
Step 4: Serve
  1. Plate the dish: Serve the stir-fried ginger peanut chicken over a bed of coconut rice.
  2. Garnish: Sprinkle with chopped peanuts and fresh cilantro.


  • Adjust the heat: If you prefer a spicier dish, add more chili flakes or a dash of hot sauce to the marinade.
  • Coconut rice variations: For extra flavor, you can add a piece of ginger or a couple of kaffir lime leaves to the rice while it cooks.
  • Vegetable options: Feel free to substitute or add other vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, or mushrooms based on your preference.
Ginger Peanut Chicken
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Enjoy your Ginger Peanut Chicken with Coconut Rice!

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