The Last Laugh of the Machine – When Technology Gets the Joke

Dr. Hart presenting Jester at the Innovatech expo, with the audience laughing at Jester’s jokes

In the bustling metropolis of New Haven, where towering skyscrapers cast long shadows over the streets below, a quiet revolution was brewing in the heart of Silicon Alley. At the forefront of this technological upheaval was Innovatech, a cutting-edge company renowned for pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence. Their latest project codenamed “Jester,” aimed to … Read more

The Time Traveling Toaster: Breakfast from the Future – Short Story

Time-traveling toaster glowing on a kitchen counter.

It was an ordinary Saturday morning when I first discovered that my toaster had a secret. I had just come back from the farmer’s market, arms laden with fresh produce and bakery delights. I set everything down on the kitchen counter and reached for the toaster, intending to make my usual breakfast of avocado toast. … Read more

The Day My Cat Became a Social Media Influencer – Short Story

A lady carrying Whiskers the cat, smiling warmly as Whiskers looks content and relaxed, ready for another social media post.

I never thought my cat, Whiskers, would become famous. Sure, she had a certain feline charm, but she was also, well, a cat. Yet, in today’s world, fame can come from the most unexpected places. It all started on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I was lounging on the couch, scrolling through my phone while Whiskers … Read more