Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing

Two hands clasped together in sunlight, symbolizing unity and love. A stained-glass dove in the background represents peace

Love is not love without sacrificeIt isn’t love without the blood that sufficedLove is everything that transpired at the crossIt is God’s only begotten son.Love is not love if it isn’t pureIt isn’t love if it doesn’t endureA love that’s sure, ensuresThat our deepest interest it secures.Love is not love if it recounts offensesIt isn’t … Read more

50 Selected Quotes to Make Your Wife Laugh Hard

Sharing a laugh with your wife using funny quotes to connect and have fun together.

Looking to add some laughter and joy to your marriage? This collection of 50 quotes is guaranteed to make your wife chuckle, groan endearingly, or maybe even snort with laughter. From playful puns to witty observations and a touch of romance, these quotes cover a range of humor to tickle her funny bone and remind … Read more

Whispers of the Heart: A Love Poem Painted in Moonlight

Let your heart speak in moonlight whispers! This enchanting love poem captures the magic of unspoken affection beneath a starry sky

Beneath a canvas vast and cool,A silver brush paints skies of pearl,Moonlight whispers, soft and full,A secret story it unfurls.Your eyes, like pools of stardust gleam,Reflected in that gentle glow,A silent language, soft it seems,A love unspoken, hearts aglow.The world around us fades away,Lost in a dream, serene and bright,The moonlit path we gently stray,Whispers … Read more