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Do you have a passion for sharing valuable knowledge? Are you a creative writer or a subject matter expert in any of the following areas: Finance, Health & Fitness, Stories, Learning, Poems, Quotes, & Technology?

We’re looking for passionate contributors to join our KillCheap community and share their unique insights with the world!

  • Offer insightful business tips or financial advice.
  • Craft delicious recipes or share fitness routines.
  • Captivate readers with fictional stories or inspire them with personal development tips.
  • Promote healthy habits or educate readers on wellness practices.
  • Move readers with your poems or inspire them with insightful quotes.
  • Delve into the latest tech trends or offer helpful technology tutorials.

Submission Guidelines

Firstly, every article should be well-written, 100% unique, and thoroughly researched, including famous sayings, facts, and findings where necessary. Avoid fluffs.

Kill Cheap’s mission is to spread positivity, encourage productivity, and make a better living. Hence, we cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to, Business and Finance, Food Tips and Fitness, FICTION STORIES and Personal developmentHealth and wellnessLEARNING and Resume writing, Poems and Quotes, and Technology.

Content Requirements

Take note of the essential content requirements:

  1. Originality: We only accept original, unpublished content. Your article should not have been published elsewhere, including on personal blogs or other platforms.
  2. Quality: We value well-researched, informative, and engaging content that provides value to our readers. Please ensure that your article is well-written, properly formatted, and free of grammatical errors.
  3. Word Count: Articles should generally be between 700 and 2,000 words. However, we prioritize content quality over word count, so if your article requires more or fewer words to convey your message effectively, please feel free to adjust accordingly.
  4. Structure: Please organize your article into logical sections with headings and subheadings to enhance readability.
  5. References: If you include any data, statistics, or quotes, please provide proper references and citations. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  6. Images and Media: Ensure that you include 2 royalty-free images in your submission (720p resolution). Rename the image to your topic or keyword before uploading. Also, add the alt text. Ensure you have the necessary rights or provide appropriate attribution; include links to the image source.
  7. Feel free to include links in the article (a maximum of 2 external authoritative links). Do not include porn links, nudity, gambling links, casino, or CBD (except for medicinal purposes).
  8. If you add a naked link, let it be at the end of the article. More like a reference.
  9. Do not include your link in the introduction or conclusion section of the article.
  10. Also, include at least 1 internal link from our website in the article.
  11. Ensure every link is quite relevant to its anchor text and the overall article, otherwise, we’d remove it. Meanwhile, we will not guarantee links will be included in a post unless it is sponsored. Contact Us for more details.

Submission Process

To submit your article for consideration, please follow these steps:

  1. Email your article as a Google Docs link to killcheap@gmail.com with the subject line: “Guest Post Submission: [Your Article Title].”
  2. Include a brief author bio (50-100 words) at the end of your article. Feel free to include a link to your website, blog, or social media profiles. (Optional)
  3. We will review your submission and respond within 1 or 2 business days.

Special Guideline for Authors and Contributors

  1. If you are an author or contributor, be careful to follow the guidelines above. Upload quality articles only.
  2. Ensure the content is not a duplicate from another website
  3. Include at least 2 to 3 images or more. Rename the image file name to your topic or keyword before uploading to WordPress. If you add the image source URL, make it a Nofollow link. In the caption, add the Name of the file owner and the site where you got the image for copyright. (This format: image by Jack Lory from Pixabay)
  4. Do add copyrighted images. Every image must be royalty-free or owned by you.
  5. Add the image alt texts. Preferably the content topic or Keyword (Example: “Alt: How-to-make-money,” “Not Alt: How to make money”)
  6. Add 2 or more internal links in the article.
  7. Add a maximum of 3 external links in the article. Let the links be very relevant to the article for publication.
  8. Use Heading 2 and 3. Use H4 sparingly.
  9. Don’t forget to add the posts to the relevant categories. Also, use relevant tags or create new tags.
  10. Finally, Build backlinks to your articles and promote them to gain visibility.
  11. Happy Writing!

Editorial Process

Our editorial team carefully reviews each submission to ensure it meets our quality standards and aligns with our platform’s focus. If necessary, we may provide suggestions or request revisions to enhance the clarity and relevance of your content. We reserve the right to make minor edits for grammar, formatting, or SEO purposes.

Promotion and Republishing

Once your article is published on our platform, we encourage you to share it with your networks through your website, blog, or social media channels. Please, do not republish it elsewhere to maintain exclusivity and avoid duplicate content issues.


By submitting your article to us, you acknowledge that:

  • You are the original author of the content and you are responsible for your opinions.
  • You grant us the right to publish, edit, and promote your article on our platform.
  • You will not receive any financial compensation for your submission.

Happy Writing!

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