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Eternal Gratitude: Ahead Lies Extraordinary Love

Eternal Gratitude
Love eternal, our guiding light,
Infinite gratitude, shining bright.
Ahead lies a path, woven with care,
Infinite love, beyond compare.
With each step we take, hearts entwine,
Infinite love, a bond divine.
Through valleys low and mountains high,
Eternal gratitude, our love shall fly.
In moments of joy, in times of woe,
Infinite love, a steady glow.
Ahead, on the horizon's crest,
Eternal gratitude, love's endless quest.
Through every trial, every test,
Infinite love, our hearts confess.
With gratitude's song, we journey on,
Eternal love, our guiding dawn.
So let us embrace, with hearts sincere,
Infinite love, forever near.
With gratitude's flame, forever fed,
Eternal love, ahead, ahead

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